Radiotherapy Treatment

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R1 and R2 bring real relief in radiation treatment

R1 & R2 was introduce to help make your skin feel more comfortable during and after radiation treatment which your medical team may recommend you to use.  This is a new two-step treatment that cools, soothes, relieves pain, hydrates, reduces inflammation and helps to repair your skin.

The first step in the treatment is R1 Cooling Gel. The second step is R2 Moisturising Lotion.

What happens to your skin before and after radiation treatment
Radiation treatment uses high energy rays like x-rays to treat disease inside your body. But to get to the right place, these rays have to pass through your skin. As they do so, they heat the skin and attack healthy skin cells, which break down and die. This may make your skin sore, leading to dryness, itching or peeling. If your skin gets too sore, it may delay your next treatment. Skin repairs itself quite quickly, but if you are having treatment almost every day, your skin cells simply do not have enough time to grow back between treatments.

Why R1 and R2 have been developed
Water-Jel Technologies, who have developed and manufactured R1 and R2, are world experts in the treatment of thermal burns. R1 and R2 is their answer to the problem of treating the side effects which can occur on the skin during and after radiation treatment.