Omron Electric ToothBrush

September 6, 2011 admin 0 Comments



– The vibrating force of motor in the main body is delivered to the unbalanced weight area, and sonic wave is generated very close to brush head. Omron’s Direct Vibration Transmitting System reduces vibrations to the hand.  Coupled with anti-slip rubber, the toothbrush features easy to grip convenience and increased comfort for everyday use.
– The patented technology make it much lighter at approximately 64 g, slimmer and noise-free.
– The long micro-fine bristles scrape plague from pockets around the teeth while the ends of the dual-merit bristles remove plague on teeth surface.
– Plaque removing ratio: NORMAL (25,500 times/min)
– The toothbrush only need to use just one AA alkaline battery which can last approximately 2 months.
– Warranty: 1 Year