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Tecsen Home Care Supplies is a subsidiary company of Tecsen Technologies Sdn Bhd. In Tecsen Home Care we are dedicated to providing the community and customer with a variety of health care products at a reasonable prices. Our goal is to provide customers with oriented, reliable and good quality service, while on other hand offering the widest selection of medical supplies as well as medical equipment products at affordable price.

At Tecsen Home Care Supplies our staff member have put alot of effort in putting together a wide variety of the best medical products to be available for everyone under once source – Tecsen Home Care Supplies. Our many suppliers have work hard together with us so we are enable to offer everyone some of the most competitive prices around.

At Tecsen Home Care Supplies our commitment is providing the best medical equipment products to our customers. Our huge selection will cater to the needs of different types of consumer. We offers aids to daily living as well as general diagnostic supplies and home use health care products. Below are some of the example of the products we carried:-

Aids for Daily Living – WheelChair, Hospital Bed, Ripple Mattress, Spanco Mattress, Crutches, Commode Chair, Reclining WheelChair, Patient Lifter, Walking Frame, Walking Stick, Cane, Mattress, Supports, Splints, Braces, Cervical Collar, Arm Sling, Bed Pan, Urinal Bottle, Nebulizer, Suction Pump, Hot Bottle, Heat Blanket, Examination Sheet & etc…

Health Care Monitoring & Home Use – Blood Pressure Monitor, Blood Glucose Meter, Vascular Machine, Body Fat Analyzer, Body Scales, Pedometer, Heart Rate Monitor, Thermometer, Finger Pulse Oximeter, Electronic Pulse Massager & etc

Personal Fitness at Home – Pedal Exerciser, Exercise Bands, Exercise Balls, Pulley Exerciser, Hand Exercise Ball

Patient Daily Care & Consummables – Foley Cathether, Urine Bag with Hanger, Plaster Strip, Face Mask, Basic Dressing Set, Bandage, Plastic Apron, Hairnet, Gloves, Paper Mask, Shoe Cover, Gauze, Woven Sponge, Alcohol Swap, Surgical Tape, Adhesive Plaster, Septi Sol, Male External Cathetar, Disposable Needle, Feeding Tube, Pill Cutter, Pill Box & etc.

At Tecsen Home Care Supplies, whatever range or scope of medical supplies and medical equipment you needs, we can and will help you find what you are looking for!