APEX Ripple Mattress PM-100A


• Treatment of pressure sore stage 1 prevention with maximum weight capacity of 100kg.
• Control knob: Adjust comfort range (8 levels)
• Equipped with bubble pad


Pump System
Electrical    : AC120V/60Hz 0.1A ; AC230V/50Hz 0.05A
Air Output (lpm)   :  >4
Pressure Range (mmHg)   : 50 – 105
Cycle Time (min)   : 8 min / 60 Hz, 9.6 min / 50 Hz
Weight   : 1.8 kg

Mattress System
Weight  : 1.9 kg
Arrangement   : 2.5” Bubble pad
Material   : PVC (w/ extension pad)
Dimension  : 198 x 86 x 6.4cm

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    Dear Sirs:

    I need to purchase your APEX Ripple Mattress PM-100B, urgently. Please, send me Price, shipping and handling. I can pay with Paypal…Thank you in advance.

    Best regards,

    Valmore Franquiz

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